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Ann Willoughby (formerly Ingoldby)– Artists Statement

I began pastel painting as part of an attempt to define my interests after experiencing an “empty nest.” Having worked in a technical field for many years, painting has shown me a more enchanting side of the world. I find that I see so much more beauty, colors and interesting forms that I did before I started painting. Pastel painting fills me with excitement and wonder as I watch the painting emerge through its journey toward completion. Sometimes it seems almost magical to me, as if the colors come together on their own – working together to surprise me in the final result. It never fails to amaze me how a few carefully placed strokes can make the painting.

As an emerging artist, I have painted a few flowers and animals, but mostly landscapes from areas I am familiar with in Colorado. One of my favorite areas is Taylor Park, just west of Buena Vista. In my paintings I try to reveal the feelings of being there, the feeling of being connected, the feeling of being free.

Each painting is a new experience for me. I have fun with each and every one, so much so that I sometimes feel like a child again and want to hang it on the refrigerator for everyone to see. I am looking forward to refining my techniques and broadening my subject matter to include tropical seascapes and maybe even a portrait or two.


I retired from Jefferson County Schools in June 2018. I enjoy traveling to the island of Kauai for a month in the winter and am truly looking forward to going again so I can try to capture the beauty of Kauai with pastel. You can e-mail me at ann.willoughby@com.

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Shows: Evergreen Artist's Association Fall Show "Inside & Outside" 11/04. Read the clipping from the 11/10/04 Canyon Courier about the show which also shows Ann's "Aspen on Taylor Pass" and a brief review.


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